Assembly of Gospel Messenger’s Ministries (AGMM)


        HAND of Hope

AGMM is called to champion young people. We believe in their leadership, potential, and willingness to go and change the World and are dedicated to equip them with the tools to pioneer and establish new works for Social and Medical cares.

  We are in search of partners ministries to associate with us to run these projects -

             * Urgent needs Help to build Prayer & medical care hall *

Please Help to build Prayer & Medical care hall, It supports people, children through prayer, Medical care and Educational work, Please consider making a donation to AGMM…These requests vary from immediate project.

Future plans of AGMM 

Our passion is to train, Evangelize, Equip, Establish, Intercession, Mobilizing and partner with us to make completion of the Great Commission, and invite and sending short and long-term helpers locally and throughout the reaches of the World. 


1} To build large Prayer and Medical care hall soon.


2} To share the Love and provide Medical care among people, help who are            Deaf and Dumb and hard to hear, and among more new people groups.


3} Children's Educational projects.


4} More Medical care & Prayer hall planting in new villages.

5} Old Age Homes:- We plan to establish Old Age Homes in different parts of         the country to provide better care and protection to aged people who don't         have immediate relatives to look after them or whose immediate relatives are       living in distant places.


6} Widows  Homes:-  We will also run Widows Homes at different centers to         provide shelter to widowed women who so intensely feel the void created in       their lives by their husbands as they have nobody to care for them.


7} Children Projects:-  We plan to initiate different Children Projects to                   empower thousands of children who are forced to live on the streets due to a      variety of reasons. We will like to collaborate with interested parties in                rehabilitating these underprivileged children by providing shelter and education    to them.